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Swami Tech's: eTransp™

Our world-class GPS based fleet & fuel management system eTransp™ for Transport Domain .

Fleet of Trucks

Worlds best in class GPS and Sensors provides excellent quality of data & service quality to all our clients in India and world-wide.

Teltonika FMB 120 Telematics

IOT Device 5.jpg


IOT Device 8.jpg

What you can achieve with eTransp™

  • Live monitoring of fuel level & temperature.

  • Seamless fleet planning and executions.

  • Solution for better utilization & improved efficiency for drivers.

  • Operate your fleet efficiently to reduce idle time.

  • Location Tracking of every individual vehicle at single click.

  • GPS system, Geo Fencing for two wheel drive

  • Reduce expenses by reducing fuel theft.

  • Easy integration with legacy system through APIs.

Sample Dashboard of eTransp™

Screenshot 2020-12-11 185701.png

Various functionalities of eTransp™

Screenshot 2020-12-11 185408.png
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